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Early Years

Since the 71st year of the Republic of China, the Provincial Department of Education and the Education Bureau of the Taipei County Government have organized folklore studies to increase the ringing project from the beginning to the 74th year of the Republic of China.
In the early days, there were few opportunities to see the ringing performance in Taiwan. Before the 1970s, except for major domestic festivals and occasional performances by the arts and crafts brigade, only professional performances by Mr. Chen Jinming could be watched in the nightclubs of HOTEL. The best predecessor artist who played Ringtones, because his successor is Mr. Chen Caifeng, a Fuxing drama school, can only open the seeds for promoting Ringtones in Taiwan.
As for Taiwan ’s ringing, it can be fashionable and common today, and it is the first choice of Keelung Zhongzheng Junior High School-Teacher Liao Dapeng and the school ’s coaching staff. At the beginning of the promotion, there were very few people who knew ringing, and fewer people would play and perform; Teacher Liao and the school ’s coaching staff resolutely and wisely hired Fuxing Opera School ’s Chen Caifeng and Wu Chengkun to guide the school ’s students to learn ringing and stage poses. To lay the dominant position of the school in the future.
In the 72nd year of the Republic of China, Zhongzheng Junior High School for the first time won the right of representatives of folk youths to visit abroad, and did national tour performances. Gongqu was then promoted to all parts of the province in a timely manner. Without the need to introduce lip-bells, it quickly became a ring-bell craze in schools in counties and cities. In addition, the National Folk Sports Association of the Republic of China will officially form a ring-bell in 73 It is listed as a competition event, and there are folk artists and schools participating in the grand event.

The prestigious folk predecessors of this period:

Taipei City-Mr. Zhu Dezhi, Mr. Huang Jiechuan
Kaohsiung City-Mr. Ma Zongquan, Mr. Tian Han

Nationally renowned coaches during this period:
China Hong Kong Elementary School in Taipei County-Teacher Xu Quanfeng
Luzhou Elementary School-Teacher Zhan Yigan
Shalun Elementary School-Teacher Yang Hanyin, Teacher Zhu Zhiming, Teacher Dai Renshan
Taoyuan County Zhongxing Elementary School-Teacher Zeng Wuxing
Yilan County Success Elementary School-Teacher Fang Huangzhe
Tan Wen Elementary School in Miaoli County-Teacher Liao Dasheng
Chiayi City Beiyuan Elementary School-Teacher Chen Wenzhi
Taichung County Haiyan Elementary School-Teacher Wang Dingguo
Fengming Junior High School in Nantou County-Teacher Zhuang Zuxing
Seven High Schools in Kaohsiung City-Teacher Xie Shunv

Growth period to adulthood

Since 1986, the number of teams participating in the National Zhongzheng Cup Ringing Competition has increased every year. From the heyday between 1991 and 1995, the number of teams participating in the ringing competition was the largest. The peak period; unfortunately, the grand occasion is no longer, and it has gradually declined since 1996.

The well-known coaches in counties and cities at that time were as follows:

Taipei City-Teacher Liu Lequn, Teacher Li Zhengqiu, Teacher Wu Liqiu, Teacher Chen Chuanzong
Taipei County-Teacher Zhou Chongru, Teacher Chen Junfu
Taoyuan County-Teacher Tu Qingbo and Teacher Tian Wenxiong
Hsinchu County-Teacher Li Wanxing
Taichung County-Teacher Zhang Wuxiong, Teacher Huang Jiexi
Nantou County-Hong Mingli, Huang Chongyi, Huang Yonglong, Zhang Huiyan, Li Jinde
Yunlin County-Teacher Zhang Jingzhe, Teacher Xu Fangran
Chiayi County-Teacher Chen Yushui
Tainan County-Teacher Liang Yanquan, Teacher Xu Shunqing, Teacher Liu Huili, Teacher Wang Jinfeng
Kaohsiung City-Teacher Yang Zhengzong and Teacher Cai Jinchang
Kaohsiung County-Teacher Chen Jianying
Pingtung County-Mr. Fu Jugan, Ms. Zheng Kunming, Ms. Qiu Wenyue, Ms. Chen Wenjun

In addition, the National Hualien Teachers College—Professor Yan Wenchang and Professor Zhang Mushan, have been guiding the bell ringing since 1987. Every year, they personally lead the team to participate in the National Zhongzheng Cup Bell Ringing Competition. They have trained many seed teachers and taught in schools across the province. most. There is also Taipei City Teachers College-Professor Dai Xialing has taught ringing around 1993, and has also trained many ringing teachers for schools in various districts in Taipei. Pingtung Teachers ’College, Chiayi Teachers’ College, and the former Taiwanese National Primary and Secondary School Teachers ’Seminar (located in Fengyuan City) and the National Folk Sports Association also actively held a ring-jumping referee and coaching training by the former Director General, Mr. Zhang Lianpei, training many ring-bells Referees and coaches.


Since 1996, the ringing has entered a recession period. Due to the reduction of national folk sports competitions, coupled with the free teaching of ringing by the power group in schools in various regions, due to the huge personnel costs, it was difficult to maintain in 1993. As a result, the excellent coaches he trained were transferred to other schools, and he was unable to continue to promote bells and whistles to various schools.
Fortunately, the Ministry of Education and the National Folk Sports Association have been actively holding folk sports studies since 1998, and folk primary and secondary schools in various countries have also organized a folk bell-traveling community, praying to resume the grand occasion of peak bell-ringing in the past.

Recovery period

The promotion of ringing in schools around Taiwan gradually changed to silent ringing after 2000! Since switching to safe ringing, the probability of student injuries has been greatly reduced, and on the other hand, there have been nine years of traditional folk sports courses, so the ringing movement has been out of the recession after 1996, which is really gratifying.
In particular, Lin Weiliang, a senior vocational student in Yingge, Taipei County, has won the 2005 US Las Vegas World Juggling League Ring Pull Championship in collaboration with Mr. Zeng Wenxiu. In April 2014, he won the British BJC Juggling Festival World Open Championship again! After many competitions and joined Cirque du Soleil in 2012 as a member.
Taiwan now has internationally renowned players such as Lin Weiliang, Zhang Yaowen, Zhuo Jiahong, etc., and famous teachers and coaches from all over the world continue to work hard to train rookies and broadcast TV programs related to ringing bells. Taiwan ’s best national diplomacy and promotion hope.

The core values of Taibolo are diabolo popularization, passing down and innovation.

Chih-Cheng Wu, founder of Taibolo,  was devoted to popularizing diabolo in elementary and junior high schools in Taiwan.

In 1984, he founded Taibolo company and began selling diabolos. Taibolo continues to innovate and improve the quality to provide the best product for you. 

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Diabolo Promotion

Gongqun Taibolo Co., Ltd. At the beginning of the promotion, in the schools of Kaohsiung City, Meng Qixian Junior High School teacher Xie Shuneng enthusiastically participated in and established the bell ring team, and later competed with the North Keelung Zhongzheng Junior High School and Yilan Dongguang Junior High School to organize a folk youth delegation abroad The right of representation has caused great pressure on the Zhongzheng Middle School.

Under the guidance of two teachers Yang Zhengzong and Cai Jingchang, Kaohsiung Nanzi Elementary School created many new moves and made a lot of contributions to Taiwan ’s bell ringing skills. Later, he overtook the Seven Sages Junior High School and went abroad with a delegation of Chinese folk folk youths. On behalf of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China and the Kaohsiung Municipal Government, he went abroad.
Mr. Wu Zhicheng, the head of Gongqun Industrial Co., Ltd., was appointed by the Taipei County Government in the 73rd year of the Republic of China as the coach for coaching in the folk sports of elementary school teachers in Banqiao Gymnasium.

Afterwards, he promoted a series of ring-bell activities, such as: the National Salvation Team Jiantan Activity Center, the Taoyuan County Government Education Bureau entrusted the school to organize ring-bell training activities, Taipei City Teachers College Folk Club (Taipei City Teachers College), Ocean College, Tainan City The government education bureau entrusted the school to hold a Diabolo workshop.

To the middle school in the province to teach physical education teachers, including the birthplace of the early ringbell in the south-Kaohsiung City Qixian Junior High School and early Nantou County Fengming Junior High School and Xiling Elementary School and the provincial elementary schools in the province Wednesday, teacher training guidance for ringing, Furthermore, there are many famous coaches in the province.
In addition, students from many schools in the province also use the same physical education class in the elementary school to concentrate on teaching bells. The learning effect is quite good, and the students have since laid a solid foundation.

Take Daan Elementary School in Taipei City as an example. During the 74th year of the Republic of China, Gongqun promoted ringing at the school because the principal Wu Zhoubo of the school loved folk sports. It will enhance the stage posture and skills of the school’s ringbell team at every occasion, and lay out its subsequent performances with the ringbell project on behalf of Taipei’s youth folklore.


Since 1982, people in Taiwan have participated in the promotion of ringing bells. During the period, there have been changes in diabolo bells, wooden bells, and plastic-steel bells, which are now used by everyone.
Since 1996, everyone has noticed the safety issue of playing. Taiwan started producing safety bells in 1997. After the product came out, some players introduced Diabolo from abroad. The common concept is to emphasize safety, but there are various Diabolo are silent dumb bells, no sound is the biggest regret.

In 1997, Gongqun started to study how to combine the advantages of soft materials and plastic steel sound, and actively studied the possibility of combining soft and hard materials. After doing many hand models, experiments and improving design patterns, he filed a patent application. After several years, finally obtained a safe and loud patent license for ringing the bell.

Patent number: M 259630 & M 279389.

Gongqun Ringtones started to develop light and stable European-style Ringtones in 2007. In order to cooperate with the players all over the world who play three or more ringing bells and follow the trend of the times, they have been producing light-weight, stable, safe and long-lasting, high-quality kung fu ring bells since 2007.
After the production of Gongqun European-style ringing bells, it was very popular, especially Super Diabolo was recognized and loved by performers and experts at home and abroad. In 2008, it began to develop the LED box, which is the LED Diabolo (power group light bell) combining the LED three-dimensional semi-circular box and the bell.

Patent number: M350388.

In 2009, he started to research and develop transparent material bells, made blade design on the inside, and filed patent application for Glary Diabolo. In the name of Jingling, if combined with an LED box, this light will be very bright, especially when it is irradiated with the light of the inner blade pattern, it will emit a bright, flickering light! very beautiful.